Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Here we go!

First blog post on a new blog.  I haven't bought my sketch book yet, but I figured getting the site set up and running would motivate me to make the purchase and encourage both Doni and I to get started.  I am excited!  It's been a while for me since I've sat down and created something of my own.  I sit down and create every day at work-- but that belongs to the Man.  Will update again once I order my book and have picked a theme.  Any thoughts?  Suggestions?


  1. Doni, which theme are you thinking about?

  2. Hmmmmm....either "jackets, blankets, and sheets" or "facing forward". what are you thinking?

  3. I loved the idea of jackets, blankets and sheets too... and the one about the rain. I might do that.. it could be my "blue period."